Helping Sponsors Identify, Qualify, and Engage with the Ideal Outsourcing Partners

Sponsors: You could spend hours, days, or weeks taking phone calls and exchanging endless e-mails in an attempt to identify, qualify, and engage with the right outsourcing partner.

Or you can call us.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the biopharm industry, we know many of the highest quality service providers in the US and around the world. 

Our network includes multiple providers in: Auditing, Analytical, Biomarkers, Clinical, Discovery, Manufacturing, Medical Writing, Preclinical, Staffing,  Regulatory, Technology, and more.  And our expert outsourcing partners know the questions to ask to qualify the best candidates for your projects.

After gathering a deep understanding of your project, we identify and qualify service providers based on your requirements and decision criteria. We handle CDAs, answer common questions, and present you with a formatted matrix of service providers to make your decision-making easy.  If requested, we will schedule meetings and presentations, handle travel arrangements and appointments, and generally take the burden off you and your staff.

If budgets are tight, we have strong, FDA audited providers in the BRIC countries.  Often, their fees are 50% less than North American or European partners.

Our fees are transparent.  We charge a small commission paid as a business development fee by the successful service provider. Sponsors pay nothing.

Finally, we do not ask for an “exclusive”.  You are free to contact your own providers as long as you provide our candidates equal opportunity to win your business.

We have saved other companies millions of dollars and months of effort. 

Let us help you find your ideal outsourcing partner.