Drug Development and Clinical Trial Outsourcing

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What is your challenge? Your Need, Our Network

  • We recently helped a USA biotechnology company decrease the cost
    of their Phase 2b study by nearly $2MM while improving their
    first-patient-in date by 10 weeks.
  • Another medium-sized pharmaceutical company was able to identify
    100+ patients for a HEP C study all in a single center in East Europe, thereby driving down the total cost of the study.
  • We helped a USA CRO capture a Phase 2 Ophthalmic study they would have not have been able to bid, by partnering with a German CRO who had the additional sites and patients required for a successful proposal.


How can we help you?

Our deep knowledge of hundreds of international CROs and their patient populations can help you meet critical deadlines with exactly the right resources. Whether you need a unique study design, a specific patient population, country-specific data, or simply lower costs, we can help.

  • We can help you save costs and enhance enrollment by the careful selection of CROs in emerging markets.
  • Additionally, our knowledge of the Regulatory environment in global markets provides additional assistance as you plan your clinical or drug development project.